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Blogging for Business: Getting Started

March 1, 2011

So far I have mentioned Twitter and Facebook several times in this blog. However, I have not yet discussed the important role that blogging plays in personal branding. While having the potential to be time consuming, blogging is among the most powerful tools at your disposal in terms of the ability to produce and host content for the purposes of building and maintaining your personal brand or the brand for your business.

There are may free blogging platforms available for use, the most popular of which probably being WordPress and Blogger for traditional text blogs. Being more customizable than Facebook or Twitter, blogging platforms really give you the ability to be creative and produce content on your terms as well as serves as a persistent and over-growing hub for your content. Blogs may come in several forms including text blogs, picture blogs, and video blogs. Without having strict size confinements imposed on your posts as is the case with Twitter, blog posts are usually more substantive than Tweets. However, at the same time it is generally accepted that anything over 500 words can be seen as too “wordy” and will be more likely to be passed over by readers and subscribers.

I just read a great blog by Kelly Watson at ProBlogger titled “How to Make a Blogging Business Plan … Whether or Not it’s a Business Blog”. I recommend you give it a look if you are concerned that that it will be difficult to produce content or blog regularly. As with any endeavor that involves some level of commitment, giving some forethought to the process and having a planned and organized routine will make the experience as painless and productive as possible. Kelly walks new bloggers through the steps of getting started in a clear and concise manner that is sure to help place you on the right track.

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