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Branding Your Business With Social Media is Easier Than You May Think: 5 False Assumptions

March 1, 2011

As I learn more and more about the ins and outs of social media and the benefits that having a strong presence yields for businesses of all varieties, I simply cannot believe that more individuals do not choose to leverage social media to improve their competitive advantage.

If you are one of these individuals hesitant to jump in due to the the belief that it is too difficult to get started or you lack the resources, think again. Outlined below are some of the false assumptions that may lead you or other small business owners to steer away from working on building a strong brand through the use of social media.

5 False assumptions:

  1. It’s difficult to get started – Not true! Deciding which social media networks to work with may depend on your market and undustry, but the most heavily used social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are configured in such a way that you have the ability to get started in a matter of minutes. Facebook, for axample, gives you the ability to scale the amount of information you profide about your business up or down to your liking. Your fan page can be as simplistic as having a logo and some basic information and content. On the other hand you have the ability to publish hundreds of photos, create events and contents and upload videos as well.
  2. I won’t have the time required to maintain a strong presence – Maintaining a strong presence means being on the radar of your potential clients and consumers. Some outlets, such as blogging, can take a considerable amount of time to generate content with. However, it is well worth the effort. Other outlets such as Tweeting take a matter of seconds and may even spread your message and make your presence of value apparent to more users.
  3. I won’t have the time to search for potential clients – Luckily for you, social media is all about “inbound marketing” and pulling the clients in to you. Don’t worry about targeting potential targets or demographics. If you create meaningful content and connect with others, you and your brand will be found by the right people as individuals build their own social networks to suit their tastes, interests and hobbies. That content will then get remarked upon and passed around at an astonishing rate, making your brand even more well known.
  4. I won’t have the time to push my offerings/products – Once people are made aware of your brand and start to find you on their own, don’t worry about pushing offerings and products to them. That’s not what social media branding is about. People tend to tailor their own social networks in such a way that they pay attention to those brands that they’re interested in and ignore those in which they are not. If someone has joined your network of they’re own choice, they are already interested. You can maintain interest by continuing to produce meaningful content and service as an authority within your respective industry or area.
  5. Social media isn’t that important – The statistics don’t lie. Social media is here to stay and it’s usage is growing by leaps and bounds. Some of numbers found on Danny Brown’s blog post here are staggering.

The influence and importance of social media in today’s culture cannot be ignored. Luckily, get your foot in the door and staking a claim for the purpose of building your brand online is actually quite easy.

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