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Having Trouble Finding Good Blogs? Twitter Should be one of Your First Stops on the Search

March 8, 2011

As many people will tell you, building a strong brand for yourself or your business requires the blogging and tweeting of valuable and remarkable content related to your industry or area of focus regularly. What isn’t always made apparent, however, is how you can use your presence in one space, such as Twitter, to influence or help your presence or search for information in the blogosphere.

One of my classmates recently raised a LinkedIn discussion question asking for ideas on ways to find good blogs.  I hadn’t given it much though until that moment, but few resources come to mind that I would recommend as highly as I do Twitter for this purpose.

When beginning the search for blogs relevant to your interests, running a typical search in Google or Bing will usually be your starting point. While I am not recommending against performing such a search, it’s worth noting this process has its limitations in terms of utility and may not produce the results you are looking for. For example, you may have a difficult time finding any relevant blogs if you have a niche area of focus because the presence of those blogs may simply be too small or the topic only touched on sporadically among a handful of blogs. On the other hand, if your area of focus is quite large or broad, you may be missing out on some of the smaller but still high-quality blogs that exist as they become overshadowed by the forerunner blogs that fill the first results pages.

Twitter has been much more helpful in my own personal search for relevant and high quality blogs than I had anticipated. I have had no problem finding several small but good (and relevant to my focus) blogs by looking through my followers and taking some time to see what they have to offer. If they are following you, they are interested in the value that you provide. Chances are you will value what they have to say and provide at some level as well.

Some of them make it obvious that they have personal blogs right off the bat. Others may clue you in to relevant blogs via their retweets, so taking the time to read through as many tweets as possible from those you follow who you already know will post content relevant to your focus helps with that also. Pay attention to who they follow besides you and use their lists to incorporate individuals into your own value lists. When someone posts a link relevant to your interests, do some digging. Chances are the author of that article or blog is on Twitter also. Add them!

Twitter is an undeniable powerhouse of information once your network reaches a decent size. What’s even better is that this powerhouse of information is catered directly to your tastes as determined by those you choose follow and only keeps growing and becoming more useful as you pick up momentum.

  1. Thanks for the great info Eddy! I’m always looking for another good blog to subscribe to, and Twitter is a great recommendation for those others out there on the same hunt. Using Google to find a blog is surprisingly difficult, as most blogs don’t actually say “blog” in the title, and therefore are quite hard to find using that method. But on twitter, I can search for a hashtag such as #gaming or #casino and all kinds of posts come up. From there, it is very easy to isolate which users may have a blog and then I can go check their twitter profile.
    Very good advice, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Erin! That’s true, running a search for a particular hashtag is another great way to find users and content on Twitter that may lead you to relevant blogs.

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