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LinkedIn Today: Recent Press Event Demonstrates Product Direction and Continued Evolution of this Powerful Networking Tool

March 15, 2011

Late last week LinkedIn held a press event led by their Senior Vice President of Products and User Experience, Deep Nishar. The event was streamed live via UStream and mentioned on LinkedIn’s blog. CEO Jeff Weiner also took the stage and outlined the direction in which the company is charging full steam ahead. As he stated, the company’s primary objectives in terms of product direction and development are as follows:

  1. For LinkedIn to be the professional profile of record, across the web
  2. To be the primary source for professional insights
  3. For LinkedIn to be accessible to professionals – both in the workplace and on the go

The event was centered around the lauch of LinkedIn Today, the company’s new product that serves as a source of news and updates while sourcing information from “over 90 million members”. What makes LinkedIn Today special is its ability to present news specific your particular expertise and industry by ranking articles remarked upon by your peers and industry experts. This serves to present information that is relevant to your professional interests while filtering out the clutter that you might have to sift through were you looking for such articles via a traditional news source.

LinkedIn emphasizes that such a filtering process is highly valuable given the busy and “always on the go” lifestyle that porofessionals often lead. To take this ideal one step further, an iPhone app is also available through which you can see new articles articles as well as those that you might have saved previously for future reading.

Other features include the ability to manually select the industries that you wish to follow so that you are not restricted to only viewing articles deemed relevant and remarkable by your peers, as well as a weekly email that you can elect to receive that summarizes the weeks most important headlines relevant to your interests.

Other mentions during the press event included the already launched LinkedIn Signal, Skills and Inmaps – a tool that allows you to visualize your LinkedIn network.

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