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New Survey Highlights Small Biz Marketing Trends

March 29, 2011

A new Small Business Trends article brought to my attention the interesting results of a recent small biz online marketing survey by research and consulting firm Borrell Associates.

Key Take-aways:

  • Small businesses account for 95% of all online local advertising
  • The average small business spends just under 20% of their total advertising dollars on online advertising
  • 29% of small businesses plan to increase online spending in 2011
  • 86% of small businesses had their own website in 2010
  • The percentage of small businesses expected to have a website will climb to 91% in 2011
  • Two thirds of those with a website also maintain a presence in social media
  • Of those who do not currently have their own site, more than a third do maintain a social media presence
  • Those who plan to increase marketing efforts will increase online spending by 29% while only increasing  their traditional and print budgets by 4.5%

The results of this survey highlight the fact that the majority of small businesses are indeed aware of the effectiveness of online marketing. However, as Lisa Barone mentions in the article, the statistic stating that 91% of small businesses will have their own website sounds a bit inflated and overly optimistic. This statistic leads me to believe that the audience who responded to the survey may not have been a large enough sample or fully representative of all small businesses.

It’s noteworthy that a third of small businesses who do not have a website do have a presence in social media, most likely using tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. These would likely be the businesses with an ultra-low marketing budget looking to capitalize on the various free and low-cost tools available for marketing your business socially.

The last point perhaps highlights the trend best. Although the average small business spends just 20% of their budget on online advertising, the average owner is choosing to devote a higher percentage of the budget to online spending versus traditional media in times of growth. And the fact 80% of the budget is still devoted to traditional marketing media does not necessarily mean that 80% of the marketing effort is currently being done traditionally overall. Keep in mind that there are numerous free methods for marketing you business online and so your dollars have the potential to go much further when devoted to online marketing versus traditional marketing techniques.

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