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How Politicians Use Social Media to Their Advantage and Why You Should do the Same

April 5, 2011

Whether or not you agree with his politics, you can’t deny that Obama and his PR team know how to reach voters. His campaign’s utilization of social media in the last presidential race undoubtedly played a major role in helping him reach potential voters and his eventual rise to the top among the other candidates.

The administration has continued their heavy use of social media over the years. The Barack Obama fanpage on Facebook is consistently ranked among the top 10 most popular at any given time. Continuing this social media trend, Obama announced yesterday the kickoff to a re-election campaign followed by an announcement of plans to host a live town hall meeting on the White House Facebook fanpage today.

Following suit, former Minnesota govorner and possible 2012 canditate Tim Pawlenty released a video of his own in response on the same day.

Is this a hint of what we can come to expect in the coming election? I believe so. As the efficiency of social media for getting your message out there becomes more evident, more individuals are going to hop on board and implement similar strategies into their marketing efforts. As this continues, we are likely to see such usage of social media as standard practice and for those who are late to adopt to the technology and strategy to struggle to remain competitive.

We are seeing similar behavior in the small business world. Although the adoption of social media for the purposes of branding and marketing is increasing rapidly, a large number of small business still choose not to utilize these tools to build and maintain relationships with their customers. The earlier you choose to take advantage of such immensely powerful tools, the better for your brand, your customer relationships and your bottom line.


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