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Getting The Most Out Of Microblogging

April 13, 2011

Wikipedia describes microblogging as a broadcast medium of blogging that differs from traditional blogging in that its content is typically smaller in aggregate and actual file size. Sounds simple enough, but what does that actually mean and how can you use this to benefit your small business? It means that microblogging is a great way getting content out there that may not necessarily warrant an entire post on a typical blog. It can benefit your business by providing an additional method of branding yourself or your company through the content that you choose to utilize a given microblogging platform to share.

Of the several microblogging platforms out there, the forerunners are currently Twitter, Tumblr and, to an extent, Facebook. I only say “to an extent” when referring to Facebook because while it can indeed be utilized as a microblogging platform if you choose to utilize the status updates feature, it is also so much more than that and has many additional functions as we all likely know. Twitter and Tumblr, on the other hand, are more or less entirely devoted to microblogging. Sure those posts can be used in various creative ways after they have been posted such as carrying a communication back and forth with another microblogger. However, they are still, in fact, always going to be microblog posts.

Before getting involved with social media to the extent that I am now, I was skeptical about just how useful a tool such as Twitter could be for business. In my defense, I would attribute this old opinion to the way that Twitter is portrayed in pop culture and on television. I really didn’t care to follow Ashton Kutcher or every Justin Bieber and discover what they just ate for lunch. However, after actually getting involved and identifying and following individuals relevant to my interests and areas of focus, I found that Twitter is really an immensely powerful tool for building your own personally tailored group of people relevant to you with whom you share information and become a part of a community. The amount of knowledge sharing that then takes place within these communities is really quite astounding.

As you add individuals who you wish to follow and start producing content, you will find that they and their followers will follow you back, assuming that the content that you are producing is relevant to their interests. As I have mentioned in previous posts regarding other branding endeavors, the key is always to produce remarkable content that adds value and props you up as an authority figure within your given industry or area of focus. You absolutely want to avoid using these powerful tools as a way to push your offers and services upon others, as this will only serve to drive others away. Instead focus on sharing useful information that others will find interesting or relevant and in turn pass along to their followers. As an example, lets assume you sell RVs. Rather than pushing an upcoming sales event, focus on sharing information that would make a perspective customer interested in the experience of RVing. This could mean sharing photos and directions to a great RV friendly campground you just found out about or sharing information about the direction of RVing in general. The possibilities are more numerous than the restrictions.

If you have been holding back with getting involved with a tool such as Twitter, know that it is very easy to get started with and that it provides a very worthwhile amount of information once you have picked up some momentum. It should certainly be a part of any healthy web or social media presence.

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