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Tweetdeck Possibly Worth $50M to Twitter

April 20, 2011

The popular social media dashboard tool Tweetdeck is in the news as the WSJ reported yesterday that Twitter is in “advanced talks” to acquire the small company for $50 million. If the report that claims sources consisting of “people close to the matter” is correct, this would mean that Twitter is demonstrating a serious interest in expanding the functionality offered by the website in terms of interacting with others and coordinating the ways that you post and find tweets.

Tweetdeck is one of a group of tools (including Hootsuite and Socialite, among others) that allow you to organize and coordinate your social media efforts. Such tools are extremely useful for those who follow many individuals or topics/hashtags and post frequently as they allow you to view multiple specified streams on a single screen. Tailoring such streams to your liking makes the Twitter experience much more streamlined and navigable and such functionality is understandably something that Twitter would like to call their own, though it’s unclear how twitter may end up using Tweetdeck. Another possible motivator behind the rumored acquisition is that Ubermedia, a potential Twitter competitor, was in talks to purchase Tweetdeck for around $30 million earlier this year. This may be Twitter’s way of letting any potential competition know that they mean business.

Another interesting fact – Tweetdeck, as a company, is comprised of a whole 15 individuals. That’s remarkably impressive and just goes to show the power that these social media giants like Twitter and the third party tools designed to work with them can wield.

So, the question now is – have you looked in to what tools such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite can do for managing your small business’ social media presence? I plan to write a future blog that goes into their functionality in additional detail. However, I can tell you now that they incredibly easy to get started with and that once you have been using them for even a small period of time it is hard to imagine how you ever lived without them.

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