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5 Tips For Effectively Managing Your Small Business Brand Online

April 27, 2011

My last post provided tips for establishing and building your personal or small business brand. But what good is getting started with branding if you are unsure of how to bring it all together and carry on with these social media tools once you are up and running?

Whether you are building a brand as a learning experience or based on an existing business with a wealth of content that you are just itching to share online, keeping the below tips in mind will help you stay on track and grow your brand steadily.

  1. Create remarkable content. Create it regularly. This is an area that goal setting helps with immensely. For example, My current goal is to blog 3 times per week and post to Twitter a minimum of 3 times per day. Determine if you work best blogging on a set schedule or sporadically throughout the week. Also ensure that you do not let any “spokes” of your social media wheel stagnate, as you will likely attract different users across the different social tools and you want to remain active in the eyes of all of them. Once you are comfortable with blogging and tweeting and are looking to try something new, move into creating and sharing video blogs.
  2. Push your articles and blogs. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your brand remains active across all channels is to “push” your content. For example, you may opt to automatically newly posted blogs or tweets directly to your Facebook page. I currently choose to do so manually so as to have additional control over the appearance of my personal Facebook page. Twitter is more conducive to many frequent updates and so it is always advised to feed or repeat any new blog posts or brand-related information to your Twitter followers.
  3. Make it easy for your content to be shared and navigated. Taking small steps such as ensuring that your blog has some sort of “Tweet this” or “Share this” button attached to your posts goes a long way in ensuring that your content is easily “remarked” by your followers and brand evangelists. When tweeting about a new blog that you just published, ensure that a short functional link to the post is included. Also ensure that all channels of your brand are easily navigable and provide convenient jumping points between one another. For example, if your blog is the hub at the center of your brand, each other spoke or branding channel should link directly to the blog in a convenient and obvious location.
  4. Build relationships. The beauty of social media lies in opportunities that it provides to socialize and participate in discussions with your followers and other figures in your industry. A little bit of participation and engagement goes a long way in building a sting base of followers willing to spread the word about your business to their friends and family.
  5. Stay on top of what people are saying about your brand. Having the courtesy to comment on and thank someone for a response to a new blog post of yours goes a long way in building relationships and customer loyalty. The same goes for offering thanks to a follower for re-tweeting one of your tweets. Be aware of reviews for your business and the kind of attention that you may be receiving on review sites such as Yelp. If someone posts a negative review or complaint about your business, take it as an opportunity to make things right and portray yourself and an individual who takes their customer’s concerns to heart.

There are, of course, many other aspects to maintaining your brand online. However, these five points are those that I would consider “core” focuses, and most other aspects of managing your brand would fall under one of these overarching actions. Have any differing opinions or comments? Please share! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. peterthorburn permalink

    Nice post! Everyone could use a reminder of these in small business. Just as crucial for large and small.

    • Thanks, Pete! I agree – it is just as important for small businesses. The cool thing about social branding/inbound marketing is that the same strategies work great and are easy to take advantage of for companies of all sizes.

  2. Alejandra Quinn permalink

    look like writing that nice run in the family, great job..blessings

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